Sunday, June 19, 2011

Furniture Liquidation Warehouse in Forsyth Georgia

A friend told me about a place he visited the other in Forsyth Georgia.  Its a used furniture warehouse located in Forsyth Georgia.  He said the furniture seems to be in good and great conditions and the price is very reasonable for used furniture.  So I decided to check them yesterday.  I really needed a dresser and couple of lamps. 

My first impressions is, the place is huge and have tons of furniture.  It looks like furniture thats been liquidated from Hotels.  and I immediately walked towards dressers because thats what I wanted and have a budget for.  We did purchased few items, I got 2 one drawer desks for $19 each and a huge dresser with a TV console for $49 and a couple of lamps for $19.00.  I am having the furniture I purchased picked up tomorrow and delivered to my house and I'll take photos of what I purchased.  

But I did manged to take photos with my Boost Sanyo phones, so you can kinda have an idea of what you might find in their warehouse.

Forsyth Georgia is located about 20 minutes North of Macon. 


Paula Lewis said...

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Albina N muro said...

It's a GREAT store to furnish a dorm, guest room, work space, or rental property. ... of NEW furniture in, which I really think defeats the purpose of this warehouse. ... I bought a headboard from Cash Liquidators and it was infested with bedbugs. survival warehouse cooking systems

Cameron Bower said...

Great post indeed, it is true that buying used furniture in good condition is better than new one. These furniture are also looking good here. Thanks for sharing these fact with us.

Jade Graham said...

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