Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowing in Macon Georgia

I decided to go out today to conduct meetings with possible clients.  I felt the chill in the air. I've seen on the video footage of the snow dilemma in North east coast.  I figure it wouldn't reach us here in Georgia.  and I have forgotten that it snowed in Macon last year also.  Around 2-3pm today started snowing and hasn't stop.  We must have atleast 3-4 inches of snow and its still coming down.  Here are some photos I've taken outside my friend's home.  It looks like winter wonderland.  It would have been nice to get this snow during Christmas. 

But is it odd that I've been in Macon over 13 years and I can recall only one time did we get snow like this and it wasn't even this much.  But this is now our second year in a row, Macon has gotten snowed.  I hope this is not a sign of Global Warming.


Where to get free Wi-Fi in Macon?

1. Joshua Cup Coffee House 2.Panera Bread 3. Most of McDonald's Restaurants 4.Krystal Fast Food Restaurants 5.Starbucks - My favorite is probably Starbucks and McDonalds because they allow you to stay as long as you want without them giving you any hassle. Plus All the listing here except for Krystals have places for you to plug in your laptop for extra needed power.

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